About Us

The company was established by Jacob Kamau Kahiu in May 1987 with the aim of providing quality services to the producers and buyers operating in the Mombasa auction.

The founder has wide experience gained from working for the leading producers and some of the largest tea buying multinational companies for example Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) and Lipton Tea Limited. Union Tea Brokers Limited is one of the twelve registered brokers operating at the Mombasa tea auctions.Currently there are 10 brokers operating. Our company’s motto is ‘service at its best’.

Our vision is to be the preferred tea specialists in Africa with a mission to ensure production of the highest standards and obtain excellent returns for our customers and provide market trend advisory services.



Proceeds are guaranteed. All payments from the buyers are to a producers collection account to which we have no authority or mandate and the funds are disbursed as par the producer’s instructions. Teas are only released after the money has been paid into the producers collection account. At no times that we receive or handle the producers money.